39th Annual Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN Meeting

Looking to expand your network and your knowledge? How about joining us for our 39th Annual Meeting on January 25-27th!

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CO-OP Member Spotlight

Dr. Dan Mitchell

38th Annual Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN Meeting

Every year over a hundred primary care clinicians come together to brainstorm healthcare research ideas for the future.

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The Dartmouth Way

The Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN lives by the ideal set by the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth in 1797; we strive to improve the lives of the people we serve. As such, we work hard to improve the health care of our local communities and the well-being of our community clinicians through community engagement and clinical research. Often we can be found traveling the Northeast from community practice to community practice helping local clinicians conduct research and teaching clinicians about community engagement.


Current Research Highlights

One of the VA Dual Care Project Sites.  © Charlotte Albright/VPR
One of the VA Dual Care Project Sites. © Charlotte Albright/VPR

VA Dual Care

With more than 160,000 veterans in New Hampshire and Vermont, Veteran healthcare has been a topic of intense interest for clinicians. According to the Veterans Health Administration, half of Vermont and New Hampshire Veterans reside in rural communities. This has lead to Veterans being authorized to use their VA benefits in local communities provided they meet certain eligibility criteria. However, this new ability for Veterans to select where they receive their health care is not without its challenges as the Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN investigates...

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Child Teen Mental Boy Mental Health Male Health

Teen Speak-Out

What started as just a small pilot study in 2017, has since grown and captured the hearts of all involved. Teen Speak-Out is a 2017 SYNERGY Dartmouth CO-OP Community Engaged Research Pilot Award that aims to identify the major stressors in rural teen lives and then work directly with teens and community stakeholders on how to manage and alleviate the identified stresses. As a result.,Maureen Boardman of Upper Valley Pediatrics, joins the Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN in hosting a teen advisory board for students of the Upper Valley. 

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Patient Forms


Patient waiting rooms are often full with people signing forms and answering questionnaires. While tedious as filling out a bunch of forms can be, clinicians use the information gathered to assist them with the health needs of their patients. However, we often take for granted the work that went behind these questionnaires and whether or not we can improve upon them. The University of San Fransisco (UCSF) is one entity that is working to change this process. UCSF reached out to the Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN to help gather patient input about a new social health determinant survey that it's the works for being administrated across the nation. Thus the Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN's Project S.I.R.E.N. was born.

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