2019 Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN 
Poster Presentation and Award

Eligibility and Deadline

Our poster session will consists of two categories, the Student Research category, and the General category.

  • Student Research category- Only for people enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate program and post-doc fellows.
  • General Category- Open to all professionals.

Regardless of category, all presenters must submit an abstract by January 4th 2019. You do not need to have your poster completed to submit an abstract. One poster per presenter. Abstracts are limited to 500 words. Posters dimensions should be 36″ high by 48″ wide. Easels, poster boards, and pushpins will be provided. 

Best Poster Awards

A monetary prize in the form of a $50 Amazon gift card will be given to one winner from each category. The award and prize for best poster will be presented during closing remarks on Sunday, January 27, 2019. Must be present to win.

Selection Process

A team of Dartmouth CO-OP PBRN Board Members will chose the best poster based on the following criteria:

  • Content
    • Clarity of content
    • Quality of content (i.e. background, methodology, findings, etc.)
    • Significance of project
    • Supports main points
  • Organization
    • Layout (i.e. organization, effectiveness, professional, etc.)
    • Appropriate use of visual aids and font size
    • Important information is readily available and easy to grasp
    • Clearly identified topic and purpose
  • Delivery
    • Professional
    • Engagement with audience
    • Clear voice 
    • Avoiding jargon
    • Responsiveness to questions

The People’s Choice Award

All conference attendees will be given a card to write in their favorite poster. Only one poster will be selected regardless of its’ category. The winner of The People’s Choice Award will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. The award and prize for The People’s Choice Award will be presented during closing remarks on Sunday, January 27, 2019. Must be present to win.


Please provide the same name as you used for the conference registration.
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Please list all authors who contributed to the poster

Note: If you are presenting a poster you must register for the conference by January 4th, 2019. It is highly recommended to book your hotel rooms before January 4th as space is limited.